Thursday, October 28, 2010

Independence Celebrations

It is that time of year again, October and November are when Dominica takes time out to celebrate their independence on November 3, 1978.
This week in the city of Roseau the Botanical Gardens has "Creole in the Park" this is a four day event Mon-Thurs of cultural performances, local and Caribbean bands and the park is lined with restaurant vendors, souvenirs, ice cream and much more.
Today, is Creole day in the schools where everyone come in their Creole attire which for the men is black pants, white shirt and a red sash/belt. While the ladies have a more broad tradition of wearing dresses or skirts made in fabric with Dominica/Creole designs which is a multitude of red, white, yellow, blue and greens... almost resembling a plaid look. Some women also adorn their heads with headbands, wraps or head dresses. All the children look adorable in their little clothing... today we will have a local singer and children will dance one of the cultural dances.
This weekend is the "World Creole Music Festival"... a three night event starting on Friday at the Windsor park Stadium in the city. Bands and artists from all over the Caribbean come to perform and they could come on stage anytime from 7pm - 5am. The stadium has the traditional stands full with chicken, creole plates, drinks, local juices, cakes, etc.

Another exciting Independence Time!!

Dance party on Creole Day at the primary school

World Creole Music Festival

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