Tuesday, September 28, 2010

School's in session

At this time we are 4 weeks into the new school year and things are going great! I am working most days in the library keeping things organized and in check. Just last week I finally started the check out system. Students are now able to take books home and I am giving them a big responsibility to return them (what a concept). That is now keeping me pretty busy re-shelving and checking out. On Thursdays I am tag teaming with another teacher to hold arts and crafts lessons. We have done 2 successful weeks of it but its a busy day! We teach Kindergarten - 6th from 9:00am-3:30pm which only gives us 40 minutes with each class. It can be a hustle when there is a good amount of set up and clean ups.
I am very happy working at the school The teachers are wonderful and very welcoming of me and my ideas. As the year comes to a close I will be preparing some of the teachers to continue any work I have started here. I hope to know children continuing to check out books long after I am gone.

The work I've done :)
View from the balcony, outside the library door
(soon the old school there will be demolished completely)

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