Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Tourist for the weekend

This weekend in Dominica had many people excited, it was another "holiday" coming up. Sunday was the first time an international team would come into Dominica's cricket stadium. The games were played on Sunday and Tuesday; West Indies vs. Bangladesh. The volunteers and I took the opportunity to learn more about the game of cricket and spend some time together to reconnect. Saturday most of us took the opportunity to go whale watching. Unfortunately we did not see any whales! However the number of dolphins we witnessed was amazing. It is like a playground for them out in the water and as soon as the boat was near them they swam right along with us. We turned around several times to "play" with them. The views of the island were spectacular and we got to see the entire west coast on our 3 hours on the water.

The Cricket match was a great experience, interacting with the locals and learning more about the game. We took the "grounds" tickets in which we were on the lawn giving us the chance to wander and mingle. There was a band made up of about 5 men playing the drums and 'trumpet' (a bike horn hooked to PVC piping). The volunteers took their turns blowing the horn, banging on the drums or just dancing.

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