Thursday, July 16, 2009

Solid Day

Today has been quite a fun and successful day. I spent the morning cleaning my home preparing for an afternoon party for the young children in my village. Note: I bought a thermometer and the temperature at 8am was 94degrees. My landlord's niece visited me a few times to look at the decorations and check out what I was baking. Mid-morning I walked up the road with her to buy some chicken for her "auntie". It's always a good feeling when I make it out of my house and up the road (meaning, walking up at least half of the mountain-therefore seeing other community members).
Returning home I frosted and cut the cakes, made the FlavorAid punch and mini PB& J's. From there I was hanging balloons and setting up the craft table. Here I set coloring books, crayons, markers and paper, glitter pens, magazines, string, glue sticks, ruler, pens and pencils.
At 1/2 past 1pm I had my first party guest; my host brother. About the same time came a friend bringing along his 2 year old son. He got the music going and the majority of the children arrived at 1:45. They were such polite guests, they grabbed
plates and cups and asked for snacks, cake and punch. After eating they were content coloring, playing dominoes and running around. At a few points of time I had atleast three children tapping me on different sides, "Julie, can I have some water?", "Miss, can I use the toilet", "Some cake please?"....
I had three helpers, a "DJ" and two high school girls tending to the craft table. At the end of the two hours there was very little to clean up, the girls took care of markers and things and all of the food was gone, not a single crumb left. I immediately mopped the floor because there were at least three spills to my memory.
Besides the pile of dishes in the sink, which I will get to later my house is already back to it's tidiness.

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