Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer '09 Activities

My current activities and on-going projects are:

1. Creation of Petite Soufriere Drama Club
It is in its it initial stages still. After a few meetings we have established our members and have selected a cast for our first skit. At the next meeting we will continue to collect money from members for our group fee as well as officially registering our group.
We are also planning a "Bel Marche" (Beautiful walk) which is a hike of some sort to a beach, waterfall or Dominican hot spot.

2. Children's Summer Day Camp
This is still in preparation stage and will take place the next three Tuesdays of August. I am opening up our village's primary school to host the camp. It is aimed at reading, arts and crafts for elementary children. We will spend the morning being creative with paper plates, coloring, puzzles and even clay (a homemade recipe) and having youth read to the younger children.

3. Leadership training: Empowering Women
This is on my own at the moment and I am finding and organizing resources to put on a training for the young women in my community. I wanted to have it before summer comes to an end however I feel that would be too rushed and effect the quality of the workshop. I hope to have it over Christmas break or after the new year. It focuses on a variety of topics such as self-esteem/body image, HIV awareness, violence against women, human rights and topics to give the women a full range of information to feel powerful.

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