Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swearing In Ceremony 4.22.09

Training has ended. All 7 of us trainees successfully completed our 7 weeks of training. The day to take our oath came. The ceremony was held at the West Indies University in Roseau. There were 3 key speakers; our Assistant Country Director, the Country Director from St. Lucia and the minister of community development and gender affairs. Our language teacher was the master of ceremony and he had a few jokes to tell during his time on stage, he's hilarious. He is on the radio and does advertisements here in Dominica. Everyone knows him, or atleast his voice. There was a special thanks to all of the host families and certificates were given. The 7 of us then gave our oath and were officially sworn in at Peace Corp volunteers. We prepared a speech which one of the trainees gave on behalf of us all and then another gave our vote of thanks and he spoke it in Creole. The audience loved that!
The media was also there and it was played on the news that evening. The VIP row: includes project design management, youth development and language trainers


  1. How amazing. You must feel like you just graduated again. Love you. mom

  2. Congratulations Jules! We are so proud of you.
    As I said before... You are where God wants you to be right now. I know you will have a great impact on the village of Petit Soufriere and all of the people there.
    God Bless,