Monday, April 6, 2009

A Sea Bath

I took a walk around my village as the sun rose over the Atlantic…I was feeling energized! Slighty after my return home a heavy rainfall began. Today was the day of my service learning activity for training; I was to do a clean up down by the bay (the skies had other plans). We were going to cook and swim afterwards. I spent the day in the house listening to the rain on the tin roof and playing UNO with my 7yr.old host brother. I don’t think I am very used to being up at 6am on a Saturday morning, but here people get up with the sun and so my body is adjusting. With that there was still time for the sky to clear. Just about noon the clouds did break and the sun shone down with an intense heat. The air was as thick as a sauna! Although the clean up day had been assumed to be cancelled, the girls involved wanted to still go to the sea. The waves crashed on the huge rocks and the girls quickly climbed up the rocks and back down into the water… I was quite a few steps behind. After an exhausting time in the water fighting the waves we found a pool on the cliff where we subside. This little pool was formed from the splash of the waves filling in a crater on the flat part of the rocks. God’s homemade bathtub. The inside was soft from the plants growing on the rocks and there were snails slowly crawling around. After seeing the girls slip right in, I followed their lead, and was assured nothing would bite me. Whew! I laid there looking out at the ocean and the massive waves between the sturdy rocks and the horizon. This is my new life … (for a couple years).

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