Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cabrits National Park

View from Cabrits, overlooking Portsmouth

All of the trainees spent the morning at Cabrits. We had two final training sessions in the building and then were supposed to have a lesson on the history of Cabrits. However the individual in charge of that had been attending the opening of the Portsmouth school and would have been late. We all decided to go, we still saw the sights just missed the history lesson, there are plans of going back.
We spent the afternoon visiting each others home villages. We had not seen where anyone else of the volunteers were living. We dropped 2 PCVs off in the north and saw there homes then made our way back to town for a quick shopping trip for home essentials. Three of us were left and were each driven home heading south from town and up the east coast to see a whole new area we'd never seen. It was a great day of seeing the island. The good news was that I was so happy to reach home when I did. The familiarity was so comforting! Thats got to be a pretty good sign :)

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