Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is it....

I am officially in my final month of Peace Corps service. I imagined this to be a time of saying goodbyes and slowing down work. The opposite has happened. The school has me busier than ever with events along with my daily duties. Youth events are continuing and I am currently planning for my big final project with them. Along with that working hard to hand of duties to the Youth Nights may continue without my presence. Lastly is the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Peace corps is this year, 2011 so the PCVs are working hard to make it a memorable one.

Many thanks go out to Dewitt Middle School 5th grade class!! They just put on a fantastic performance (from what I heard) at their school; a fundraiser to send books to Dominica. They successfully donated 9 large boxes of books to the primary school I work at. (This is their 2nd shipment during my service). The students witnessed the delivery of them today and were amazed! They then got the opportunity, since we just got our internet, to FINALLY read the American students' blog, talk and thank them! Chatting will continue "across the ocean" among the children!

The Youth group had officially elected their executive board and cleaned out the Kindergarten classroom that was our meeting place; it is now more "hip" and youth oriented. The final project we are planning to do is a beach clean up centered between our three neighboring villages. We will gather as a large group of youth to clear the beach of trash and coconuts, cook some local food over a fire and spend the afternoon playing sports on the basketball court! I am praying that all goes well, we get the funds we need and attendance is high; that we are supported and it can be a great way for my last project and sending off event.

Time is flying, I am excited to get back home to my family and friends, however a bit nervous to leave the life & culture I've adjusted and known for 2 years, as well as the beautiful children and great people I have met. Thanks to the Peace Corps I have had a life changing experience :)

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