Thursday, February 3, 2011

Primary School Art Exhibition

"My" Primary school put on its FIRST ANNUAL (!) Art Exhibition. We had an unplanned trial run in late January but many officials were unable to attend. The art teacher and I teach Art and Crafts every Thursday for grades K-6 and last term consisted of nine projects for viewing pleasure.

The first run gave the students and parents an opportunity to walk through and view the students artwork from the first term (Sept-Dec). We rescheduled for a more formal exhibition in early February. Education officers and village representatives were present for a short assembly; prayer, songs, welcome, overview of exhibition, remarks from individuals and prizes for 1st projects. Officials were guided through the art room and surrounding halls followed by parents and students.

It was a beauty to see the turnout and the school getting recognition for using its new art room and teacher to its best abilities. Everyone was excited to see the winners work as well as their children ... which they will further take home.

A special thanks to all of those who made donations to restock our art supplies!

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