Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reading in Dominica!

The main radio station for the island is putting on it's 3rd annual Reading Competition. I have worked with a 3rd grader from my primary school to compete. As of now we have competed in Castle Bruce against 7 others and placed 2nd. This week we were up against 9 individuals from all over the island, in round two. The top 6 moved on and we just made it through making 6th place.

The competition consists of two rounds. The first is an insert from a story, about two pages long. The second is a news article which includes more difficult words and topics. The competition will continue to get stiffer as we move along, the finals will be held in Grenada this year!

All the students are brilliant young kids with amazing reading skills. The student I am working with reads with so much enthusiasm and passion, I believe she will move on if she keeps that up.

Glad to see Dominicans putting such a good light and focus on READING!!

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