Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rosalie Hike

There is about a 2 mile trail just below my home leading to a beautiful beach and river. For the first time I made the hike! It took about 1hr and 15mins. The track was not bad just muddy from the rain, it is so wooded that apparently it is rarely a dry path.


This span will soon be a car-traveling road. The people have been asking for it for over 20 years now and finally it is in progress. It will be extremely beneficial and connect the village I live in to its neighboring village. As of right now if you want to drive to Rosalie you must drive about 1/2hour out of your way on the only road available. Here you can see the beginning of the project; it is estimated to take one year.

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  1. Good thing I got to do this hike about a half-dozen times before they brought in the heavy equipment...I know P.S. really wanted this link but I am of mixed feelings. Glad you got to enjoy it before the scenery changes too radically there.