Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Creole Music Festival

Every November around Independence time the island has Creole Music Festival. It is a weekend, 3 full nights of concerts. Bands and artists come in from all over the Caribbean and perform at the new Windsor Park stadium. The tickets were very expensive; you could by night by night or season tickets for all 3 nights. Outside the park is vendors of BBQ chicken, fries, cheeseburgers(!), bakes, juice, beer, and rum. The event started at 10pm each night and bands perform until the sun comes up. I attended Saturday night and left the park about 5am. Things seem to completely end at 7am. After Sunday nights concert folks left the stadium at 7am and headed straight to work. Tough people!

The week leading up to the event was 4 days (Mon-Thurs) of "Creole in the park". This was an afternoon/evening event in the Botanical Gardens. Vendors outlined the park and a stage made entertainment from local school dances to famous Caribbean bands.

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