Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work... and randoms

So maybe you're thinking I don't work down here since I don't talk about it much. So I will inform you of my work thus far. I am still attending the primary school twice a week and spending time with the youngsters whether it's reading, drawing or just playing sports. But I cannot skip a day or they notice, I rode the school bus with them yesterday getting to another village and several of them said, "Miss Julie, you not coming to school again, man?" So one day I miss and they notice. Just being around them makes for a productive day I have found.

Two other days of the week I am coaching the high school students track club. We are just starting it now, I am the Public relations officer as well. We are forming the club starting with the Castle Bruce Secondary students, because its most accessible for them but hope to expand it over time for it to be the entire South Eastern Track Club. I am excited to have such a large role in something like this. Being outdoors practicing in the hot sun and bathing in the river after is phenomenal!

Committees I am on are the Disaster Relief which is currently preparing for hurricane season. The P.S. Drama Club which is just now starting so may take time to become official and run smoothly. I am more so the secretary for the students. The president is a great leader and has written plays and set up meetings, but much goes into starting clubs with gaining a sponser, writing letters, raising funds. I'm not sure some youth realize how much committment it takes. But I am willing to type out the scripts for them to have that one less thing they need to do, so I'm behind the scenes but there as a resource for them. I have been recently asked to attend the meetings of Agency on Aging so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the elderly in the village as well. That first meeting will take place this coming Saturday.

I say my work is 24/7 because anytime I am not "working" I am spending time at the bus stop or the local shop to visit with others and continue to integrate and learn more about the village. Although it's not tough work it is a big part of my work here, being accepted and welcomed is so very important. I need to be a part of the community, not just an American who has come to work for 2 years and lives "down the road".

Good news! For some of you that know.. I have been waiting for over a month now for a dinner table and yesterday it arrived! I have yet to see it though because I was heading out for the night when the delivery came. I will let you know how wonderful it is :)

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