Friday, May 15, 2009

Math Contest

I spent Tuesday at the primary school working alongside a teacher. We worked to prepare 2 students for the island-wide math contest on Wednesday. We started with 6 Grade 5 students reviewing material and ended up with 3 to take to the competition. Wednesday afternoon the teacher and myself took the students to a primary school about 6miles down the road... 20minutes. The two boys competed and the girl was "backup" in case needed. The contest consisted of 3 rounds while each one got more difficult with fewer questions. Unfortunately my school did not place in the quarter finals of these 6 schools. The boys are brilliant students however the speed was not there. Either way I was glad I got to be there and support them. At times of the contest they looked at me and just smiled... it was a good event and great practice for all the students involved.On the way to the Contest

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