Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Visitors

I had a house full of school children this afternoon. The kids wanted to visit me so they walked home with me from school, which ends at 1. They played in the yard for awhile, then got hungry and finished my cereal. Later I ran them around carrying each one on my back - they call them Sprees here, instead of piggy back rides. They posed on the porch for some photos.
The girls saw my clothes in the closet and asked to try them on. Then played dress up for quite awhile, almost each article of clothing was laying on my bed.
I made the four girls and two boys tea for the afternoon and they settled down and watched cartoons on the couch.
When they heard the ice cream truck I gave them a few dollars to share an ice cream. 5 ran up the hill and only 3 returned with a cup full of strawberry ice cream.
When 6 o'clock rolled around they lil' chillin' were still hangin around. Every time I said it was "almost time for them to head home" they started whining like crazy! But then my landlord came down (she's also a teacher at their school) and told them to get home because it was past 6!! They said a quick, " bye bye Julie" and were gone. She has more power than me, and also doesn't care if they like her or not. My house was a disaster, the sink was full of dirty dishes, the pillows and blankets messed up and I needed to sweep. After the house was back to the normal I crashed on the couch. I felt like I ran a daycare for the past 5 hours.


  1. Jules
    The kids are adorable. I'm sure they love hanging out with you in your new place. Glad you are getting more and more comfortable in your new "home". God Bless. DAD

  2. Hey jules,
    I am going to try this again. Dads comment went thru without any trouble. The girls are adorable and obviously they love you because they don't want to leave. Continue to update your wonderful blog, I love seeing everything you experience.