Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Brand New School

The primary school should have opened in September 2009 ... circumstances occurred ... 7 months later here we are! The school opening of the most modern school in Dominica. The two-story school is adorned with an art room, kitchen/home ec classroom, auditorium, laboratory, library, computer lab and classroom balconies. The grounds are still in construction and will finish in ''phase II''. The basketball court has been laid but a playing field, parking lot and sea wall must be created. Also the destruction of the 30 year old must occur over the summer months. This will make an absolutely amazing view of the ocean from the classrooms and campus.
My position is the ''librarian''; there have been 450 books donated from the wonderful state of Michigan. Other providers will donate in the beginning of the next school year. I have tagged, organized and packed about 700 books so far and continue to make the library and reading corner a fun learning environment!

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