Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ART ART ... Everyone loves Art!

Art class is going very well, I teach for an hour in the Kindergarten and first grade classes. We color, paint and create hands-on pieces of art! Every time I pass children from the class, on the street they say, "you comin' arts n' craps tomorrow?" (no matter the day). I am excited they enjoy my company and the lessons I bring. Below you see Mardi Gras-type masks. These were made in celebration of Carnival time in Dominica. It is a cultural event remembering and celebrating slavery and their freedom. Costumes and masks are cultural wear through parades and daily shows.

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  1. Its brilliant to hear read your comments. My parents were from Dominica and I wanted to find out more information as a friend mentioned about the dust cloud. It is truly a wonderful island but its knowing where everything is as unless you are told about certain things you miss out. The last time I was there was when I got married in August 2007 all my pictures are on facebook under Jackie Defoe-Parillon. Feel free to be my friend and have a look. I have hundreds of friends!! Have a brilliant day and enjoy the sun, at the moment in England it is freezing and we are expecting snow!