Saturday, January 16, 2010

A new approach to reading

Since November 2009, my counterpart and I have started an after-school reading program for the young children in our village. The program is three days a week and consists of a total of 41 students, however the average is 30 per class. For an hour on each day Lil and I open with a song...
Reading time, reading time, reading time Reading time, reading time, reading time Take a seat and be comfortable, everybody has a right to read, Reading time, reading time, reading time!

Lessons are given through workbooks according to age and grade level. We started by aiding to K-5th grade but due to all of the interest are now accommodating Preschool through Grade 6. It is difficult to assist so many children and such a wide range of ages at the same time. Luckily some youth from the community are helping when they can, taking some pressure off Lil and I. The students love the class, whether they are there to read or socialize with schoolmates, the turnout is bigger than planned for. Fridays are our ''fun days'' where we play games. This past Friday we did ring games; an important cultural tradition.


  1. Did you write that song yourself Jule? haha

  2. Interesting Jules!... you'll have to sing me that song! I am very proud of you! Love you,DAD