Friday, September 4, 2009

Tropical storms are MESSY!

Where to start...
Yesterday I tried to go to town and waited at the bus stop for about an hour waiting for the weather to clear; heavy winds and rain. The bus driver called me to let me know he was not going, authorities advised to stay in and watch the weather. That night I experienced the worst storm ever. The sound of rain alone, woke me. A couple hours of lightning lighting up my house and thunder so loud it sounded like it was splitting my house in two. At some point I didn't know if it was the sound of thunder or lightning striking.

We attempted to go through but the water was rising quickly so we back tracked and parked in the ''junction'' of Castle Bruce with several other buses. After an hour or so of waiting we tried to go home, again. We got past one bridge and had one more to pass but it still was way to deep. (And now the rain started to fall again). Another half hour and we were all anxious to reach home. Two gentlemen, not from our bus, walked us through the river, basically. They walked just ahead of the bus to show how deep the water was. At one point it reached a man's waist. The bus driver continued slowly as a passenger got off terrified of driving through the deep waters. Slowly but surely we were driving through a ''river''. Water came in the bus a few inches, not reaching passengers because it is a large coaster bus so it stayed by the stairs of the door.

We made it! After 3 hours on the bus I had gone 6 miles from home and 6 miles back to reach home. There were other small landslides and a fallen tree taking down a power line.
I'll say it again... storms are messy!

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