Monday, March 9, 2009

Everything is going well here. My internet access is very limited. The weekend was nice, I went to church, a 2.5 hour service went home and handwashed my clothes! I will update more when I have time and post the pictures I have taken! the views I have are simply amazing. I wanted to let you all know I have not forgotten you :)


  1. Hi Jule! I t looks so nice there and also very different! When you come back I will give you the laundry from MRS. It sounds like you will be very experienced with washing clothes! You look very cute and happy too! I love your little friend Kayla. She's a cutie! Take Care! Love, Wendy

  2. Julie
    It looks like you have a warm happy family. I'm glad all is going well with you - your view is amazing! 2 1/2 service, and I thought Pastor Dale was long winded!!
    Hugs going your way! Karen

  3. julie,
    uncle john here. hope the adventure continues to enrich my favorite niece!!!
    be well,
    luv ya,
    uncle john